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Pat O'Malley 08-23-01 04:55 PM

Fall fashions
Well I got my modified VelocitySquared and I love it:D It's got BikeE handlebars, and I am contemplating changing the 26x1.50 to a 700x32, like I have on my Novarra upright, because I still want the bent to be faster. But to the topic: I discovered my cycle shirt with the pockets on the back are not only useless, but the pocket seams irritate. And I am wondereing do I really need to wear the chamois? And gloves? What's functionable and fashionable? Finally, my bike is black, so I should I eschew brown accesories?:p

Andre 08-23-01 05:34 PM

I stopped wearing the chamois shorts when i got my bent and i only wear neoprene biking gloves when it rains.Can't help with the colour coordinating :)
Andre-Rans Wave
ps-why did you switch your handlebars?

Pat O'Malley 08-24-01 02:05 PM

I switched the handle bars because they were swept back, like a V, and this makes you have to turn your fists outward, causing strain on my wrists. The new bars are straight. I rode 4 hours today and am contemplating putting bar ends on, so I could have a change of position. As I got more accustomed to the bike I rode one handed for a while, which gave me an appreciation of the ergonomics an undersided handlebar offers, but I don't think it will be too soon before I get that radical.

bentrox! 08-24-01 02:46 PM

Chamois/rear pockets don't bother me on my Optima SWB, even though they're certainly unnecessary. I'm more reclined than on a V2, so a chamois actually helps insulate my (take a guess) from the on-rushing wind - something to consider for the cooler Fall season! Optima seats are rigid with a 2" thick filter material cushion, so I don't even feel the pocket seams though they are, of course, almost useless except for carrying a couple of dollars and band-aids.

I also use bent-specific shorts and jersey that I bought from Calhoun Cycles (good folks!) It's difficult or impossible to find such clothing at a LBS, though. If a varied selection is desired, conventional bike wear offers a sea of choices, whereas bent fashion options are far more limited. It probably doesn't matter much - I mean, how many colorful recumbent pelotons have you seen?:D

;) From the fashion corner,

p.s. Gloves and shoe options are wide open!

Pat O'Malley 08-24-01 10:28 PM

How are the bent specific shorts constructed? I am hoping they have a real smooth waistband, because when I rode in a pair of shorts that have a drawstring the string began to dig into my lumbar. Regarding shoes, I have been using clips, and will soon put on the clipless pedals (from my neglected upright). In a back issue of is a story about a guy who designed a heel strap, which allows you to place your foot with the arch, rather than the ball, over the pedal. I tend to agree with him. He calls this foot positioning "Heretical Pedaling". Even though the mob will burn him at the stake, he has a good point about how this position uses the larger muscles of the upper leg and relieves the calves. I have discovered this to also alleviate the numbness. Has anyone tried his heel clips?

bentrox! 08-24-01 11:49 PM


Originally posted by Pat O'Malley
How are the bent specific shorts constructed?... . Has anyone tried his heel clips?
They are Mt. Borah Peak II shorts from
These shorts are a chamois-less, spandex liner under baggy shorts that use a drawband and clasp at the waist and legs. I've not experienced any "digging into the lumbar" with these.

I believe Gene Villaret was the heel strap guy. If I'm right, he is deceased (killed by a motorist while riding) and I've no idea how you would get a pair of these straps anyway. I have to say my Time ATAC clipless pedals have been indispensable in improving performance, especially on climbs, and I've not had a problem with numbness. I lace/strap my shoes loosely which I think helps prevent numbness. Heel straps may very well make better use of the larger leg muscles, but unless they have an attachment mechanism I don't see how they can be as effective as clipless pedals that produce a more effective spin by allowing you to pull as well as push.

Pat O'Malley 08-25-01 05:35 AM

So very sorry about Gene. The shorts you described are similar to what I got from REI. Except they have a chamois. Tomorrow I will put the clipless pedals on. I guess I am a little hesitant because of the problem of getting stuck in them, although I felt the same way about it when I first got 'em for my wedgie, and only fell once, at a stop. My brakes were squealing and I had just spend an hour cleaning the rims, cleaning and toeing the pads, and I was so focused and mad about the squeal that I forgot where I was at.

Andre 08-26-01 02:09 AM

Hi Pat,
I just started using clipless pedals last week and i really like them!You'll notice a big difference going uphill as well as when your legs start to fatigue after a long ride you won't have to expend energy fighting to keep your feet on the pedals.

Andre-Rans Wave

Pat O'Malley 09-01-01 08:40 PM

Hey Bentrox! I got some shorts like you described and they are great, especially because of the draw strings around the legs. No more parachuting! The shorts I used to wear would blow up my legs, exposing my thighs. Now I wonder if some of the people who had noticed me before weren't saying "cool bike" after all?!

Pat O'Malley 09-01-01 08:44 PM

Hey Andre! Yeah I started using clipless too, and they work great. I took one fall, just like on my upright, when I was standing still at a stop. But on the bent I was able to land on my hand gently, where as when I fell off my upright I went down hard.

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