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izgod 05-28-07 06:29 AM

Any bents in New Orleans?
I've moved to New Orleans post Katrina. I've been riding my bikeE to and from work through downtown for about a month now, and I've not seen one other recumbent bike. This is a very bike friendly town; lots of people on bikes. It's all pancake flat which makes for easy biking, regardless of which bike platform you use. Also lots of "odd" bikes and all kinds of homemade rigs, but no recumbents!

There was a nice recumbent shop here, but they got flooded in the storm, and have not come back.

The streets are in pretty bad shape from the storm, so I'll be looking for something more rugged for my next bike.

I'd like to hear from any recumbent riders in New Orleans. I can't be the only one, can I?

VegasTriker 05-30-07 08:12 AM

Bike tour owner rode a recumbent
A couple years ago there was an article in our local newspaper showing a couple who operated rental bike tours in NO. While they didn't rent bents, the owners were pictured leading a group tour as they rode recumbent bikes. The business may have gone belly up following the hurricanes.

Philwil 05-31-07 06:00 AM

Recumbents on the Northshore
My wife and I ride the Tammany Trace on the weekends on our bents. She rides a Sun EZ cruiser and I ride a Speedster. We've seen a few trikes and a couple of other bents. Other than the city streets, where have you been? Crescent City Cyclists do some nice rides on the Northshore and we've been to St. Francisville on a plantation ride.

izgod 06-02-07 06:35 AM

Philwil, I hope to be at Abita Springs for the bicycle festival on June 16.
I don't have a car, so I'm not sure how I'll get there. In the city, I've been to City Park and Audabon Park,
both lovely! Can you recomend anything else in the city? Are any of the levees ridable? I see some wildlife refuge bayous to the south; are they accessible on a bike? I usually don't enjoy large group rides, as I always want to stop and take pictures and smell the roses. Like, I'm not into racing and wearing funny clothes. Do you know of any way to get accross Lake Poncatrain to Slidell without a car?

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