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wonkemtel 05-29-07 09:19 AM

Zommer elite on the way
I should get it some time this week. I already own two lights for commuting, a planet bike alias and a blackburn X3 so a terracycle mount w/ wxtender + anotherone for my (AAA Battery backup light and computer. Also Joe thinks he can adapt my interchange rack to fit. I also ordered fenders, a seat bag a couple bottle cages ( 1 velcro, 1 screwed in, flag, 2 mirrors, lock and extender cable nad a Protege' 9 computer (I think that's the one.) I could have gotten a deal on a tour from another shop but I like the Zommer's much tighter turning radius and I like the durability of Aluminum in the midwest seasons. The steel was a nice cusioned ride. Also I'm going with some Sweabe (sp?_ ) tires for some kevlaar belted insurance.

This will be my first trike
I can't wait.
I don't think I'll regret getting the better components as when I get in the groove I do 200 miles a week.

vik 05-29-07 10:11 AM

Enjoy the new trike. I saw a Zoomer Elite a couple weeks ago - looked like a nice ride.

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