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milkoholicBear 06-01-07 10:41 PM

Rans F5 Enduro - HUGE disappointment
With all due respect to all the people who ride these, are you guys hobbits ?

I am a big guy, quite tall at 6'3, pretty wide, I wear 32 inseam jeans and size 15 shoes. I am not a giant by any means, when I used to throw the discus and shot put in my youth, I used to be among the small ones.

To start with, when pressing on the pedals, my heel was touching the front tire.
I could not do a full 360 on the pedals because my knee was hitting the handle bars. Yes the seat was as far back as it could get. I could not extend my leg fully, the pedals were way too close.
The fun part, is I had my wife test ride it and, at 5'7, with the seat as far back as possible, she was a perfect fit!!!

Next weekend I'll have to drive 800 miles, because here in Elbonia, there is only one store that sells recumbents, and it had maybe three bikes in stock and no LWB.

Doug5150 06-01-07 10:53 PM

You generally can't make a wrong-sized recumbent "work" like you can an upright. With an upright bike you can get a longer seatpost and a taller stem and it's usable. With recumbents, you suffer knee problems from incomplete leg extensions and/or other various problems.

If you can get somewhere that has a Cycle Genius LWB, it will fit you. Either a Raptor or Falcon, they use the same frame, and they are at teh lower-end of the recumbent price spectrum. ....I'm 6'2" and it will adjust so long that I can't even keep my feet on the pedals all-the-way-around. (you may need longer handlebars on it however: I suggest replacing the stem with a threadless adaptor and using the RANS chopper bars).

Rogerinchrist 06-02-07 05:05 AM

Find something here?

aikigreg 06-02-07 05:04 PM

You've got pretty short legs too with a 32" inseam and 6'3". I'm 6' and have the same inseam....

blknwhtfoto 06-02-07 07:17 PM

I've got a 32" inseam as well and I'm 6'5. Stubby legs for a giant! LOL

Jorin 06-03-07 08:08 AM

Bike shop in Montreal
Isn't 1HP Cycle in Montreal, same as you?? I would have thought they would have had more than just 3 bikes to try, judging from their website.

The Optima bikes are ok, though I would personally go with the Baron over any of there others...

milkoholicBear 06-03-07 07:38 PM

Yes, this is the store. Very helpful, nevertheless, does not have any LWB in stock. That's why I have to drive to the bicycle man in Alfred, NY, 800 miles return.

Mockpo 06-04-07 06:45 AM

Keep in mind that the Enduro comes in different frame sizes so if you were not on the xl, it would have been too small. I know this from experience. I had to call around to find an xl to test ride, Hostel shop had one. I tested it, liked it, but then rode a Volae..and bought one. The xl Rans had plenty of room though I have 34 inseem.

recumbenteer 06-04-07 09:19 AM

Do you have the XL frame? I have a F5 LE with an XL frame (which has slightly different geometry and a fixed riser compared with the Enduro) with 8300 miles and I am slightly smaller than you. Yet,the bike fits me well, especially once I replaced the B39 handlebar with Volae bars to compensate for my unusally short arms. pm

World Tour 06-04-07 11:04 AM

6'6" / 36" inseam (49" x-seam) here. I had my 26/20 LWB custom made by Denny LaDue. It's a beautiful bike, designed after the groundhugger. Seat is 15" off the ground. It's like the Cadillac of bicycles.

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