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hypnobassman 07-02-03 09:38 PM

How come there are not magazines for bent riders?
Hi again:D

I was just at Barnes and Nobel and I always look but never find any magazines for bent riders!

How come?

If there is where can I get my subscription?

Bye again

bentrox! 07-02-03 11:19 PM

The only bent-specific paper magazine I'm aware of can be subscribed to at:

Good stuff there.

ViciousCycle 07-03-03 04:44 PM

Recumbant cycling is a niche interest, meaning that a large bookstore chain will not find it profitable to stock a magazine for it. The only place I've ever seen recumbant cycling magazines for sale is at a bike store that specializes in recumbants. (Rapid Transit in Chicago.)

sch 07-03-03 10:06 PM is a very nice online magazine with all back issues available from the web site.
Connie Ayeal (spelling?) publishes or did a mag for Tour Easy
riders that was quite comprehensive though mainly westcoast oriented. If you are a TE person the address may be accessible on the TE web site or by email to the company (who have no ownership of the magazine). If interested and otherwise
unavailable somewhere I have a copy for further info... Steve

hypnobassman 07-04-03 07:17 AM

Thanks for the magazine info. Do either of you subscribe to a recument mag? I guess I'm asking if they are worth it.

Gene James 07-04-03 10:30 AM

If you want a magazine,Recumbent Cyclist News is just about the only game in town. I don't like the editor. It's his way or the highway and a think he's taking recumbents in the wrong direction, but it still has useful information

cycletourist 07-04-03 11:13 AM

Gene, I haven't seen the mag so please explain- In what direction is he trying to take recumbents?

Mike in KS 07-04-03 05:49 PM

hey hypnobassman,
you up and riding yet or are you still in a cast?

Mike in KS 07-04-03 06:13 PM

oh here is a mag

just found it

Gene James 07-06-03 12:05 PM

Recumbent News Takes the the idea that recumbents should be slow and comfortable.,that's fine but it's not going to sell bikes. Baby boomers are in force, and we men whether we admit it or not like fast and exciting. Recumbents can deliver on both ends,but people do not relate to bents in this fashion. We need hard and fast riders to enbrace recumbents and you would see the numbers increase. When I rode a bent, I outrode most people and they were surprised at the speed."It's not about the bike"

hypnobassman 07-08-03 07:58 PM

Hi Mike in KS,

Check out, "What was your scariest ride?" thread to find out about my "come back."


bentrox! 07-09-03 09:10 PM

I'm with Gene.

Nothin' wrong with slow n' comfortable, but then there's nothin' like fast n' exciting. I love the hair-raising descents and full-spin carving turns! You can't match that any other kind of bike. I say take advantage of what some bents can do. Let's hope others find out, too.

Yes, you'll go "boom" if things go wrong, so gotta weigh risks. But, dammit, before I pass my twilight years in a rocking chair I wanna feel the thrill.... hey, it's not as risky as sky-diving when you're 80 (and I've got 30 years to think about that one.....)

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