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Jean Beetham Smith 07-04-03 05:58 PM

any Sat-R-Day owners here?
The biggest draw-back to Dan's EZ-1 is the difficulty of transporting it. We are considering folding bikes and the Sat-R-day DualDrive sounds like it would give the low gearing he likes, recumbent position he likes, and would fold. How hard is it to fold? All of the folding sequences on the site are for the upright models. Does the seat fold?

bentrox! 07-05-03 04:29 PM

Bryan Ball, editor of rides a Sat-R-Day on his jaunts through Germany and is featuring it in a series of road test articles over a three-month period. Click on "Long-term Tests" at the top of the website's homepage. Click on "Reviews" along the left frame for a full review of the Sat-R-Day. E-mail Bryan with your inquiries if the articles don't have the answers you're looking for.


Jean Beetham Smith 07-06-03 02:46 PM

Thanks Eddie, that was a very helpful review.

bentrox! 07-06-03 04:23 PM

Glad it was helpful, Jean. Let us know how the Sat-R-Day works out for Dan. I'm thinking about getting a "folding" bent myself someday for future travels.


hypnobassman 07-08-03 08:03 PM

I might be totally off base here, but I have a EZ-1 SC Light and I think that the worst thing about it is the 16" front wheel! It makes the ride very harsh! My next bent will have larger wheels for a smoother ride.

N_C 07-10-03 09:11 AM

Before you consider a folding 'bent or a differant one that is easier to transport you may want to consider the sportworks bike carrier.

My wife and I just bought ours and we love it.

It goes into a receiver hitch. Ours folds up when not in use. You can get for either the 2" or the 1 1/4" receiver. Only with the 1 1/4" you can only carry one recumbent at a time as it is stated in the owners manual. We have a Jeep with the 2" receiver hitch so carrying 2 is not a problem.

The way the sportworks works is with a tray system. Sportworks recently changed their recumbent style tray systems from a "brand specific" to a universal tray. One of our trays is for Visions Short Wheel Base bikes only, but the other one can be used for any recumbent. We ended up with one of each because Sportworks was getting rid of their old inventory first.

Ours cost us about $430.00. A lot cheaper then other methods of carrying a bike but just as good if not better.

So before you consider a differant bike, especially if you are happy with your current 'bent give the Sportworks carrier a try.

Heres the web-site:

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