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Aggressor 07-10-03 06:25 AM

Build your own recumbent, anyone?
Does anyone have plans on how to build your own recumbent bike?


bentbaggerlen 07-10-03 07:58 PM

I have a copy of the Easy Racer plans. Easy to build for a first time project. I also have the Bent-Tech plans. And have found a few sets of plans on the web. Funny thing is I havent used plans to built any of my homebuilt bikes. There is also someone selling plans on E-bay

Aggressor 07-11-03 12:45 AM

Where can I find info on the plans you have? Are you willing to sell them?

alanj1 07-15-03 08:40 PM

Go to http://www.recumbent-bikes-truth-for...ebuilders.html and click the link for the free plans. They are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat to download it.:)

Aggressor 07-16-03 08:00 AM

Cheers Alanj1. :beer:

bentbaggerlen 07-16-03 04:55 PM

I dont know if the Tour easy plans are still offered. Contact me off the list at

sunsetnkc 07-26-03 10:52 PM


I don't see any link to 'free plans' ???

Ritz 07-26-03 10:55 PM has a cool place called builders corner.

Ritz 08-14-03 03:05 AM

Now, if I only had a welding machine.

NuTz4BiKeZ 08-14-03 04:52 AM

Not really any free plans here but lots of great information.
Great Recumbent Info Here
Why do you need plans just make it up as you go along based on the information you can find and the stuff you have available.
Worked for me:D

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