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rusty 07-21-03 08:59 AM

Child carrying trailer for my BikeE?
I'm in the market for a trailer to pull my 4 month old daughter in. I don't want some thing cheaply made yet I don't want to spend $400 either. Heck, I really don't care to spend over $150 but will if that's what it takes. I should also note that I don't mind at all having to do some mods to make a trailer work with my BikeE.....especially if I can keep the costs down (don't have time to make my own however).

Any suggestions?

reeseburg 08-08-03 04:04 PM

I'm pulling the Trek Transit Deluxe Child Trailer behind my RANS V2. It pulls great and my kids are well-protected and enjoy it a great deal. It folds nicely and is color-matched to my bike, so my teenage daughters don't call me too dorky. $329

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