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alphamale 07-31-03 07:55 PM

I went to a local bike store today and test drove the current Cannondale recument model. I didn't like it all that much. It seems to be a very nicely crafted bike though, with dual suspension, even! I've never ridden a recumbent before, and have to say that it didn't feel planted, like I feel on an upright. This is probably because I'm not familiar with the style of riding. Also, the little chunky tires just seem to be ... I dunno, I can't explain it. I especially didn't like the OSS handlebars. I felt like I was riding a chopper motorcycle and the slightest little movement destabilized the bike. Again, it's probably me. I don't know, maybe another style recumbent, or a trike my be good.

This in no way is intended to be a factual statement regarding recumbents. It's only my opion about my experience. Please, don't anyone take it personally.

sch 07-31-03 08:19 PM

Recumbents are twitchier than DF bikes. It takes awhile to get accustomed. In general the looser your grip, within reason, the better the control. When I first demoed a P38 it was most stable with fingertips on the bar, but I learned quickly to hold the bar lightly. After a few hundred miles (LOL!) it becomes natural. Rans favors the chipmunk position, Volae, Bacchetta, and Tour Easy to a lesser degree the "superman" position. Steve

alphamale 07-31-03 08:21 PM

What is the superman position?

Recumbent_Guy 07-31-03 11:20 PM

There is a few definitions for the 'superman' position,
if we're talking about upright bikes, see about a guy that changed the seating/resting position on the bike to give him a better aerodynamic profile on his track racer....

If we're talking recumbency, the superman position is one in which the arms are stretched out comfortably, with the forearms just outboard of the kneecaps, and the shins just clearing the handlebar. See picture for a better description.


alphamale 08-01-03 12:10 AM

Yes, I can see where the first one got the name. The prone position is like Superman flying with arms outstretched. The second one for the recumbent bike? I don't see a correlation. I'll take your word for it, however.


mtessmer 08-13-03 10:52 AM

This isn't a great picture but here you can get the idea of the "superman" style recumbent ride:

Arms stretched out.

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