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juliebeanpie 08-26-07 06:31 PM

front suspension reviews wanted
White Brothers makes a suspended fork for 20 inch recumbent. Anyone have one, or try one? They are pricey, but the best I've seen so far. Any opinions or commentary would be great.

cat0020 08-27-07 08:29 AM

I've used White Bros. MTB suspension forks in the past, they're good stuff, but require special parts that regular bikeshops do not carry/stock, so servicing the forks became a time involving process, missing ride time was unacceptable, so I went back to other brands.

For $650+ the White Bros. recumbent suspension fork is more expensive than my recumbent, I recently purchased a MEKS suspension fork for less than $100, it's got carbon legs, nice damping and compression adjustments, I just need to figure out how to mount it with a linkage steering.

CHAS 09-03-08 02:25 PM

Meks or Sosa?
Anyone else tried the Meks or Sosa for 20 inch wheels?

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