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knoxie 09-05-07 06:17 PM

UFO? Unidentified Velommobile in the UK V Fast!!

My mate keeps spotting this cool little electric velomobile electric bike near Witney Oxon UK, it seems to be nipping along at speeds of 50mph or so, anyone know anything about this model? I have looked all over the web and cant find anything quite like it?

Must get the KMX out and go give him a race! :eek:


Wheelchairman 09-06-07 02:31 AM

That's very impressive. I don't have a clue what it is though. Thought it was a Reflex fairing til the slow motion appeared. Good shape too, if not a little big. Good luck finding out what it is :)

Swizz69 09-13-07 03:13 PM

That looks a bit professional doesn't it?

I couldn't quite make out the registration on the youtube clip - if anyone else can it might be worth putting the reg' number in here:-

Use the single check - you don't need to pay a fiver as suggested, unless you want any further info.
What it may give is the make & model of whatever its registered as - and with that info a search on google might tell more.

Looks the business whatever it is:)

knoxie 09-17-07 03:33 AM


Thanks for that information!! i never knew that you could do that? how cool! oh and yes this is a cool vehicle for sure and is for sure 100% a custom build, I haven't seen anything like it after a lot of net searching, it is entirely possible for someone with the right facilities to make something like this though, the trike underneath maybe a stock rolling chasis. This one is very small front to back, it looks like it has been made so the rider sits up with his legs bent, unless he is very small?

The video is only camera phone so didn't get the plate details, I may pop up there again one morning but don't want to bother the guy too much, I am sure he gets enough of that riding that thing anyway, would be cool to have a go in it though! :)



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