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Artkansas 09-12-07 02:28 PM

Recumbents on the Bus
Anyone put their short wheelbase recumbent on a bus bike rack?

I have a Bacchetta Giro 20 with fenders. A friend says that he has successfully put his recumbent on the bus bike racks. It seems like putting the loop over the 20" wheel might not be enough to keep it on. It seems that perhaps putting the loop over the frame of the Bacchetta might be better.

Any thoughts?

rnorris 09-12-07 04:41 PM

Haven't tried putting a recumbent on a bus rack yet, but here are my thoughts from putting lots of DF bikes on bus racks:

-Some municipalities don't allow recumbents on their bus racks... check for this.

-Even some SWB recumbents might have too long of a wheelbase to work on the racks. Metro here in Seattle, for example, limits the bike wheelbase to 46" or less.

-The racks are designed for DF bikes, which are often narrower than recumbents. If there's more than one bike on the rack, it may be tough to squeeze a recumbent in if it has a rather wide mesh seat like my Vision VR40.

-Although the bus racks work fine with 20" wheels (see lots of BMX bikes on them), I would put the rack arm over the larger rear wheel would hold a recumbent more securely.

Right now I can't put my Vision on a bus rack because its front wheel is too small (16") and it has a rack and fender over the rear wheel, no place to hook the rack arm. I may be wrong, but I suspect most transit agencies require that the rack arm has to go over one of the wheels.

Good Luck!

aikigreg 09-12-07 07:56 PM

The real problem is they only allow bents on the short bus.

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