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cranky old dude 09-16-07 06:01 AM

I finally bought my first 'bent
After lurking around this forum for quite some time and drinking in
all the info I could (I'm usually in the 50+ forum), I finally went to
"The Bicycle Man" in Alfred Station, NY. Haveing never ridden a
recumbent before, he started me out on an EZ Sport. It took about
five minutes of circling around an empty parking lot before I was
steady enough to hit the road. He then put me on a Linear LWB, USS.
Wow, what a bike! I tried a couple Bacchetta SWB bikes and by then I
was convinced I wanted LWB. He put me on a Rans Stratus and a
Cycle Genius LTX. The Cycle Genius was very tempting, but true to
the information on many posts in this forum, the right bike picked me.
As I switched back and forth from one bike to the other, everytime I
got on the EZ Sport, it was like an old pair of shoes...kinda like I was
getting on the bike I rode in on. Now I know it's a little heavier and a little
slower than some of the other's I tried, but it just feels right. And
as far as the bike being somewhat heavy and slow...well so am I so
I guess we're a good match, at least for now. I've got the seat somewhat
upright for now and as time goes by I'll start to lower it some and see how
it works out for me.

As I get more experience on the bike I'm sure I'll have questions to ask
you folks. Everything I've read here so far has been pretty much right-on-
the money; from where to shop, how to find the right bike to where to
find accessories such as long wired computer mounts.

Chaco 09-16-07 07:16 AM

Nice looking ride! Congratulations! :D

squirl 09-16-07 02:30 PM

Nice, Just joined myself, have fun out there and like some joker told me 'ride it like ya stole it'

bkaapcke 09-17-07 04:08 PM

I'm on my third season on an EZ Sport and the more I ride it, the more I like it. It is a sturdy, well made bike. One change I did have to do , though. The wrist angles on the handle bars were all wrong. A friend with a small tube bender made me a set that were 4.5 inches longer and had the wrist angles I wanted. Problem solved. If this turns out to be a problem for you, look into a set of Rans 3-way adjustable 'chooper bars'. They should do the trick. BTW, the bike responds well to upgrades, too. Good luck with your new ride. bk

Artkansas 09-17-07 05:59 PM

Its a sweet looking bike. Have fun!

Dchiefransom 09-17-07 07:08 PM

Very nice looking bike.

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