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gew0419 09-19-07 07:41 PM

Does anyone change tires for winter riding?
I am just going to ask the question and wait for your response. I have tires with more traction than the ones I currently have on the bike. Do any of you use different tires on your bent in the winter?

vik 09-19-07 08:07 PM

Nope. I don't ride my bents in the winter if there is any snow/ice on the ground. If it is dry, but cold the normal tires work fine.

aikigreg 09-20-07 05:04 AM

I don't change for traction, but I do change. I take the faster stelvios off and put some essentially p*ncture proof tires on. I go a lot slower, but it beats flatting in the frreezing cold.

jeff-o 09-21-07 08:29 AM

I keep the front tires on my trike the same, but I swap the slick tire on the back for something with more grip. Last winter I used a Schwalbe Marathon Cross which was OK for most conditions, but not hard-packed snow or ice. This year I'll probably use a studded tire of some sort.

Shaman 09-21-07 02:09 PM

I have to change to a smoother tire for off-season riding. I normally use the Schwalbe Marathon tires but on the trainer, they have to much of a whine to them for the dog... so some true slicks work much better.

R-bentRIDER 10-05-07 06:35 PM

In the summer I ride thin slicks, for fall and spring commuting I put on Schwalbe Marathons to keep the flats away. When it snows in SE Wisconsin I put on studs.

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