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wildbill40 08-11-03 04:28 PM

Natchez Trace Parkway????
Thanks to all who replied giving me tips on the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. Keep them coming. They are both sounding better all the time. Now who can give me info and tips about the Natchez Trace Parkway? And how does it compare with the above roads? Thanks again.

sch 08-11-03 08:55 PM

Natchez Trace is a piece of cake by comparison. Scenery blander but still very attractive. Houses are an infrequent sight, no billboards or any adverts on the trace. It is somewhat rural but access on/off is frequent and towns or crossroads never very far. Elevation changes typically 50 -200' range, occasionally hills a mile or so long but grade rarely if ever above 5%. Road surface very good, traffic much less than SD, maybe comparable to some sections of BRP. Most of my time has been on the Tenn
section, can't speak for the Ms portion though the general design is the same.
Didn't notice any Hawgs on the Trace last summer during an August century. Steve

trmcgeehan 08-12-03 03:32 AM

I've talked to some people who have ridden the Trace, and they've told me the asphalt road surface is rather rough, with gravel mixed in with the asphalt making a rough ride.

wildbill40 08-12-03 05:41 AM

How far out of Nashville to the "trace"? Easy ride to get to it? By easy, I mean rural roads........light traffic. And how long is the NT Parkway?

sch 08-12-03 08:16 PM

Google on Natchez trace parkway gets the site and info. Length is 444mi per
the site. The Tn part I rode last yr was well paved and a pleasure to ride on.
As I said, never did the Ms part and evidently some is not so good. Tn end is
roughly 40-50mi SSE of Nashville. Lots of rural roads but finding a map with these on them in adequate detail is problematic. The CD based systems would have it but I have found the naming system on the CD doesn't always correlate. Don't have my maps available. There is a state park at the northern terminus. Steve

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