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Richbiker 10-02-07 09:31 PM

any actionbent owners in New York City area
Looking for someone who can talk to me about their experience with this brand, maybe offer a test ride.


Recumbomatic 10-03-07 09:34 AM

Components can be low end, depending on the bike, but everything works. The Actionbents come disassembled in a box, and you have to mount the seat, handlebars, wheels, run the cables, adjust the boom to your leg length, and connect the chain. All that should take 3-4 hours if you know what you're doing. The FRP seat upgrade is worth it, it is lighter and more durable. However, the stock pad that comes with the FRP seat is too hard and doesn't breathe. (2" firm foam from Economy Foam on E. Houston works great, scrap pieces in the basement).

If you are going to be riding in the city, I'd stay away from the under seat steering models. They can be twitchier, and the handlebars will be too wide to get between cars. I don't have a problem riding in moderate traffic. The main issue is potholes and "wrinkled" pavement, which can bounce the bike around.

The Yahoo! Actionbent group is a good source for information about the different models.

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