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Palmer 11-21-07 07:10 AM

V-brakes on a Vision
I've got an older Vision R-40 that is set up as a SWB with above-seat steering. I haven't ridden the bike for awhile, but recently decided to get it out and see if I can get back into commuting. While I was refurbishing the bike, I thought that I would change to v-brakes. I'm running into a problem setting up the brakes, however, because I have to run the cable from the right hand side, and if I leave enough slack to permit turning of the front wheel, I get interference with the chain. I'm using a Travel Agent because I've got older (Campy Olympus) levers. Is there a way to get a clean cable run with this setup, or should I just go back to the old Suntour power hanger/canti setup? Thanks.

Richbiker 11-21-07 01:45 PM

I have the exact same setup: an R40 with above seat steering. It appears to have come with V-brakes setup as OEM equipment. I don't have it with me at the moment, but some time over thanksgiving weekend, I can take a look at it & describe how the cable is routed. I could probably take a picture, but I'm not sure how to post it or send it to you so you can see it. I do know that the the V-brake noodle is tightly curved (more so than a regular set up). If I recall correctly, the cable & noodle run behind the fork. and there is a big zip tie that keeps that cable (or all the cables?) out of the chain. Mine doesn't have any issues with cables / chain interfering.


Palmer 11-21-07 05:46 PM

Thanks! I looked at the pictures on the Barcroft website, and they also run their cable behind the fork. That seems to help for me, but I still get some interference. I think that it's mostly caused by the travel agent. If I got some modern levers, I could get rid of the travel agent and probably cure the problem, but I hate to put Campy parts in the spares box!

JanMM 11-21-07 06:14 PM

My Tailwind is quite unlike your bike, but it also runs the cable behind the fork, to avoid interference with the chainrings.

Richbiker 11-27-07 09:09 PM

OK--here's how the front brake cable on my R40 is routed:

First, when facing the front of the handlebar, the cable housing comes out of the housing stop that is 2nd from the left side. The housing is then routed around the left (non-drive side) of the bike, behind the fork. As it goes behind the fork it is routed just below the lower headset cup, and just above the little tube that extends back for the underseat steering option. The "noodle" has been re-shaped so that it is a U-bend. There is about 1/2" to 1" clearance between the chain and the noodle as it curves around to the right side v-brake arm. The chain doesn't seem to touch it, but there are some grease marks on it, so who knows. Routing the cable under that underseat steering tube may give a little more clearance (or it may cause the noodle to rub on the fork). Regardless, there will always be about 1" clearance right where the noodle enters the brake arm--or at least that's the way it looks on my R40.


PS. The Zip tie I mentioned in an earlier post is not wrapped around the front brake cable anywhere.

Palmer 11-28-07 02:11 PM

Thanks! As I mentioned earlier, I'm using a travel agent, and I think that the travel agent takes up too much space for me to ever be able to use the V-brakes. I could switch over to newer levers and eliminate the travel agent, but I doubt that I will. Instead, I think I'll save up for a disc brake front wheel.

cat0020 11-28-07 02:27 PM

It is somewhat difficult to fit a disc brake caliper onto a 20" or 16" fork, the alignment of the caliper on the shorter forklegs can be tricky have have the caliper clear the spokes.
I have a complete setup for front disc brake for my Vision R40, which include 1" diameter steertube fork with disc brake mount, 20" front disc wheel, and Hayes HMX1 disc caliper, if interested, I would be willing to sell them.

la2sei 11-28-07 06:07 PM

I believe that there are a few V-brakes that can be set up to take the cable on either side. One model from cane creek and one of Paul's come to mind. I'm running magura hydraulic calipers on the front of my SWB.

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