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davehorne 09-04-03 02:57 AM

new 'bent' in the news?

GotBent 09-04-03 10:02 AM




Cyclepath 09-08-03 04:04 PM

Will cost more than a car, but it IS cool.:->

HANZ 11-30-03 04:30 PM

Please send message to Mr. Graef and Mr. Hessling if possible, concerning our experimental ergonomically correct recumbent sponsored research. University trials are now being conducted in Northern Arizona. The seat is a result of last 2 years of graduate research, and is totally adaptable to most recumbent bicycles, except short wheelbase types.

Recumbent butt is history, the seat is fully adjustable, and based on aeronautical standards.

The seat is semi-monocoque, with high strength to weight ratio, as well as ISO 9001 aircraft seat cushion standard design features. Human subjects testing is currently being conducted under supervision of graduate faculty at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ.

Allan D. Kane is principal researcher, and has corporate Sponsorship from , Tony Erickson, Chief Seat Designer/Sponsor

Please forward this message to all interested parties inquireing about the best and state of the art status of this revolutuionary Bent Seat.


Canuck1 01-24-04 05:58 PM

What am I missing...when I click the link all I get is a German news site. Nothing about a recumbent.

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