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davehorne 09-07-03 12:02 PM

bike seats
Thanks for indulging me here. I've ordered a hybrid recumbent / regular bike and probably will want to buy a different seat.

I like the model I ordered (a Dutch brand, Gazelle) because the back support is mesh and allows my back to breath and not become sweaty. The seat for this bike looks like a regular bike seat (with a standard post).

Does anyone make a mesh or open type seat for my fanny? I've just ordered a catalogue from and am hoping to see something there.

I would appreciate any info anyone can pass on.

If you're interested, here's a link to the bike I ordered ...

Gazelle EasyGlider

Bikesick 09-07-03 10:58 PM

Are you going to give the stock seat a chance? It might work just fine for you. <shrug>

btw: Looks like a comfy bike.

davehorne 09-08-03 02:13 AM

On long distances (especially when it's hot), my fanny sweats and any kind of plastic does not breathe. The mesh for the back support is one of the main features that sold me on the Gazelle over the Giant. If someone makes a mesh seat that I can replace the original seat with, I would be very happy.

HANZ 11-30-03 04:14 PM

Experimental research via graduate sponsorship is currently being conducted via Human Subjects testing regarding ergonomically correct fully adjustable recumbent seat. Recumbent butt is history. Please forward to all interested parties.

Thanks, HANZ

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