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davehorne 09-12-03 12:07 PM

narrowing down my choices
I'm new to all of this and have spent a lot of time on the internet.

I'm pretty sure I want to buy a compact long wheelbase model. I realize the limitations - they tend to be heavier, a little slower, (easier for beginners to ride) but for me, that's OK. Can you guys mention some brands and models that are available in Europe.

I came across the HP Velotechnik Spirit which looks great. Since I live in the Netherlands, I would also want to easily mount fenders, lights and a bike bag (a big bike bag for shopping). Whatever I buy will be for local commutes. I will not be traveling 50 miles in a day (though I would want something that I could use if I so decided).

Any other models in addition to the Spirit? Thanks, Dave

bentrox! 09-12-03 02:02 PM

Optima Hopper perhaps? Made in the Netherlands, I believe.

Bryan Ball 09-13-03 02:02 PM

The Spirit is an excellent bike. I have a review of it in the archives on my site. I'm currently shopping for a winter bike to ride alongside my commuting trike (sometimes I still just want two wheels) and have actually condidered getting a Spirit for myself.

Bryan J. Ball

Othon 09-15-03 10:16 AM

I also live in the Netherlands (I read you live here in another thread). Here you'll find lots of SWB. LWB are not so common. As far as I know the Dutch recumbentmarket Optima Hopper, HP Velo Spirit and Rainbow bikes are LWB that are available. The Rainbows are not so compact as the Hopper but are very comfy, easy to ride LWB. Very easy to use for commuting and your daily groceries. And IMHO: Great looks!

Here you can find information:

Have you've been to a recumbentshop already? There are plenty of them overhere and they are always willing to let you take a ride and help you find the perfect bike. And probably they will know about some more bikes that could be right for you.

davehorne 09-15-03 05:05 PM

Othon, thanks for replying. I'm deciding whether to buy the Giant 21 speed 'zitfiets' or a 'ligfiets'. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Giant.

If I buy the Giant, I will have to make some changes to the bike. I have not been to a recumbent store when they were opened. Tilburg had a koopzondag a few days ago and I found a recumbent store there. I only wish I would have become more interested in these bikes years ago. I'll keep you posted on what I finally decide. Thanks for the links.

stuball 07-29-07 12:26 PM

Spirit on Website
Perhaps you could narrow down where your review of the Spirit is located, or perhaps it has been removed?

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