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Goatbiker 11-17-03 11:20 PM

Recumbent in Adventuring Cycling Mag
Page 4 of the Fall 2003 Cyclosource has a nice shot of a loaded Tour Easy with the caption "Riding in style across America--on a recumbent with fairing". Makes it look darn near normal, from a publication that is pretty much all about uprights. A really nice photo, too, by Chuck Haney.

Tom Balmer

mtessmer 11-18-03 11:11 AM

I'm a life member of Adventure Cyclist (since the 80's). They are actually fairly recumbent friendly. You'll see pictures and articles periodically on recumbents and are included in their annual buyers guide. You are right though, most of the time you just see wedgies.

N_C 11-21-03 10:08 AM

Post a link please, if there is one.

bentbaggerlen 11-21-03 07:43 PM

You do see bents from time to time in Adventure Cyclist, I don't recall them in the last buyers guide.
I would like to know how many members ride recumbents when they tour?

ndbentrider 11-21-03 10:59 PM

Rode my first tour on a recumbent this summer - 450 miles ofthe Lewis and Clark Trail starting in St. Louis. Rode a customized Bacchetta I built up over the winter.

bikebob 11-24-03 02:06 PM

I rode from Florence, OR to Dillon, CO (1800 miles and about 46000' of climbing) on a loaded V-Rex this past summer. I used the Adventure Cycling maps.

mtessmer 11-25-03 09:38 AM

I've been touring the last 15 years on a recumbent. I've covered 10 states and part of Canada.

The URL for Adventure Cyclist is:

Triker 11-25-03 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by bentbaggerlen
You do see bents from time to time in Adventure Cyclist, I don't recall them in the last buyers guide.
I would like to know how many members ride recumbents when they tour?

I do. I put about 1,800 miles on my home built Greenspeed trike/trailer combo last summmer, in Iowa and Minnesota.

bentbaggerlen 11-25-03 05:15 PM

bentbaggers... not just me :)
I started using a bent for touring the summer of 1995, and not long after I built up the Screamer for touring.

LSargent 12-27-03 10:04 PM

That picture could be me.
Hello, I am new here and read aboutthe picture. I was on the Sept. TRIRI ride In Indiana this year and There was a Gal writing a article for the magazine. She took a picture of Me and another person on a Tour Easy wonder if it was me in the Picture. I may have to get the Magazine. Larry

Guest 12-27-03 10:25 PM

Hmmmm. I may take a look at that article. I have a friend who rides a recumbent and he swears by it. He let me ride one, and it felt smooth and comfortable. He has be about one third convinced to do my next tour on a recumbent.

Thanks for the heads up!


RHNiles 01-03-04 04:50 PM

Touring on a "bent"
It's the only way to go! I can get off after untold miles and walk normally. An added plus is that my neck doesn't hurt and I can actually watch the beautiful clouds in the sky as they float overhead! However I do have an upright tourer and use it on short trips of 1-2 days.


bentrox! 01-03-04 10:12 PM

Touring bents
I met bike tourists twice last summmer while out riding. Both were European guys on short wheel-based bents touring the Great American West. Each remarked on how few American recumbents they had encountered, given our country's size and population, and how curious it was that none of the American bike-tourists they'd met seemed to be familiar with the obvious comfort advantages of recumbents for long-distance travel. Mind you, neither was preaching (I was on my own recumbent) but rather just voicing their perceptions on the subject.

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