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rogermo 11-25-03 04:49 AM

upgrades or modifications to EZ-1
Has anyone done any upgrades to the EZ-1 bent or modified it in anyway, to make it faster, or handel better.

sch 11-26-03 12:09 AM

The EZ 1 is like a mule: you can gussy it up and futz
with the components, but it is still a mule. It is a
highly functional bike as is but adjustments to the
rider will be much more effective than fiddling with
the bike as far as speed goes assuming you have done
the basic things to get it to fit you. Seat angle and
position can be optimized. A few people were getting
excited on the recumbent boards elsewhere about
mounting shorter cranks (150-160mm) so they could
spin better. Lighter wheels would be a complete waste
of money. Knocking a few # off a 35# bike is not going
to do much. Steve

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