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bentboy 12-01-03 06:18 AM

wiz tandem trike
I am considering buying a wizwheelz tandem trike, I believe it only has mechanical disc brakes on the front and no rear brakes. My concern is the hill I live on has a 18 percent grade for a quarter mile and I wonder if I have enough stopping power to ride down this hill :rolleyes:

bentbaggerlen 12-06-03 07:58 AM

The bike is shipped with Shimano Deore Mechanical Disc on the front. But for long down hills you should set the bike up with a drag brake. change out the rear wheel to use a tandem hub so you can mount a Arai drum brake on the rear wheel. The disk brakes will over heat if used as drag brakes on long down hills.

Check with Wiz Wheels to make sure that it will fit before you order the bike.

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