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Elad63 05-31-08 06:05 PM

Haluzak Horizon
Have a chance to pick up a Haluzak Horizon. Where can I find an owners manual or specs for this bike.

ken cummings 05-31-08 06:37 PM

Bicycles by Haluzak
2166 Burbank Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

(707) 544-7243

If you get no response to either the address or number e-mail me and I'll bike over and see whats' what.

Elad63 05-31-08 07:20 PM

thanks for the info, will email tomorow after I pick up the Horizon

Elad63 06-01-08 01:51 PM

I picked the bike up today, it's a Hybrid Racer instead. What a wicked fast ride. I had a little trouble starting out, not used to a swb. I had to use a dumpster to start out. Is there an easier way to start up, I am on my tippy toes when seated. I seem to have the stopping down good, but I am sure it's just first time jetters with starting up. I will post pics tomrrow, because i am going out riding again until dark

Later, Ead

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