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John C. Ratliff 12-24-03 12:50 AM

Reasons sound good!
I really liked your reasons #1 and 4.

I've been enjoying the Stratus for a month now, have had two flats (one today), and put on about 170 miles in the last three weeks. It's a very nice bicycle, and a very forgiving one too. I'm also learning to handle it in tight turns, which is somewhat more difficult than one would think.

Thanks again to all who wrote.


John C. Ratliff 12-24-03 12:54 AM

I thought I was replying to my other thread, about convincing my wife about a recumbant. Now I see that, with the new format, I've inadvertently started a new thread. Could the moderator please set my comment on the correct thread?

John :D

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