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unixpro 06-11-08 04:51 PM

I broke the speed limit this morning!
Coming in I have a hill that I ride down. The road's a 2-lane 35 MPH, with a turn lane in the center and bike lanes on the sides. For quite a while I've been flirting with the speed limit, going 33 and 34 MPH, but today I was running a little late, so I was putting the hammer down all the way. I went through the speed limit and topped out at 36.5 MPH :eek:. At that speed I ride the road rather than the bike lanes, because the bike lanes can be full of loose dirt, rocks, and other junk that would throw me down and I really don't want to find out what it feels like to hit the pavement at those speeds.

Halfway down I passed a kid half my age (I'm 49) riding an unloaded roadie (I'm on a fully commuting-equiped Giro 20 complete with trunk that carries all my work clothes and stuff). I was sure to say hello as I passed :o.

I also managed to shave 5 minutes off my best time so far. 1 hour and 5 minutes for a 14 mile ride, including stoplights and traffic. I'm aiming to make it down in less than an hour. Looks like I'll have to average somewhere around 20 on the flats to make that. I think today I was hitting around 18.

Floyd 06-11-08 07:58 PM

Sounds like you are really moving...glad you can 'enjoy' your way to work. I am in agreement on riding in the lane if you are going that fast... ...does not take much sand or rocks to do a lot of dammage...........peace

STEEKER 06-11-08 09:12 PM

Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppppp . sweet feeling eh

BlazingPedals 06-12-08 01:29 PM! Where ya going to in such a hurry? Better slow that rocket down!

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