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jeffj 01-06-04 09:09 PM

I have had a problem with front wheel going out from under me while riding. Any dirt or moisture on paved road combined with an easy turn even at slow speed lands me on the ground. I have a rans rocket, short wheel base bike. Any suggestions. I have not had any problems with my road bike in same situations.

bentrox! 01-06-04 09:37 PM

front wheel kick-out
Your wheelbase is under 42 inches, your seat height is around 23 inches and both wheels are only about 19 inches in diameter, so if turns lay you down, maybe the stubby length, high center of gravity or small wheel size has something to do with it. Unless you've a loose stem or skewer that's at fault, I'm not sure there's much you can do about it. I'm surprised because most Rocket owners post glowing reports about this bent.

John C. Ratliff 01-06-04 11:36 PM

You're leaning differently
I have this feeling that you are leaning the Rans differently than you lean your road bike. On a road bike, you have a very low balance when most of your weight is on the pedals. You can lean the bike over more and not have the wheels slide. But with the Rans, your weight distribution is much higher on the bike, and I don't think you can lean the bike as much.

I once read about road racing on uprights that if you lean your body, and keep the bicycle mostly upright, you will slide the bicycle on some of those European stone streets, but it won't come out from under you.

So my suggestion would be to practice a different way of turning. Lean your body, but keep the bicycle as upright as possible while turning the front wheel. This will change the weight distribution, and may induce a skid without having the bike slide out from under you.

I opted for a LWB Rans Stratus, and have used this technique for my turns in it. Try this, and let me know how it works.


goalsccer 01-10-04 07:52 PM

get sum real tires, u kno, with studs. thats all i gotta say

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