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cwodave 02-05-04 06:18 PM

Help with getting the wife bent.
I took my wife with me on a ride a few weeks ago, on conventional bikes by the way. She was somewhat less than a happy camper and didn't care for the seat at all. We'd still really like to do more stuff together though. She knows how much I enjoy riding and would like to be a part of it.

Yesterday she met a guy that sells recumbents. Today we went to his shop and took a short test ride. He has a tandem as well as a one personf for sale and we rode both. This was my 1st experience on a recumbent and I enjoyed it quite a bit. More importantly the loving wife enjoyed it.

The wife isn't a cyclist, but I think she'd enjoy it if she started. Especially if she was able to ride a bike that didn't provide discomfort down there. I don't know if the tandem is a good idea or the single.

I guess I'm looking for some advice. I would like to continue to ride the Bianchi but would like her to join me. Has anybody else been through this? How did it turn out? What can I do to help?


temp1 02-05-04 06:51 PM

Nice thread title:) My wife is happy with hybrid, but if it takes a bent it takes a bent

bentbaggerlen 02-05-04 07:37 PM

Did the two of you work well on the tandem? Some couples don't or can't handle riding a tandem well. One wants to ride faster, the other wants to ride slower. One wants to spin, one likes to mash. etc.

If your wife finds that she likes riding it may be for reason that differ from your own. You may love the speed, she may just want to smell the flowers.

Even if you get a tandem, you can still ride the Bianchi. My SO (soon to be wife) loves the road tandem (recumbent) but shes not so hot about the off road tandem (upright) for the same reasons, seat pain. But with a little give and take it all works out. Myself, I enjoy all forms of cycling so I'm happy riding whatever.

If she liked the bent, get her the bent. you can still ride together, her on her bent and you on your Bianchi. Just try to keep up with her :) If you get her a bike she dose not enjoy, she will not enjoy riding.

emgNH 02-09-04 04:32 PM

I think a tandem takes a lot of committment! You would never get me on one. Are you two ready to commit?

I'd go single. Give everyone a chance to go at their own pace. Of course, a good saddle would do wonders for her, as well.

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