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Mike in KS 03-07-04 05:21 PM

homebuilt bent question
hi all we have been offline for a bit and i cant seem to find the website that i pulled plans for a tailwind? clone ive got the frame together and i need to start working on the handle bars but my plans got a messed up at the shop does anyone remember any such web site? thanks for any help

NuTz4BiKeZ 03-10-04 02:16 AM

Hey Mike...
Have you looked at Rans themselves, they do tell you what handlebar system is used so looking at the handlebar page might give you some idea.
I have info for a T E clone if that would help.
If you ever find the website could you post it here?


Mike in KS 03-10-04 11:35 PM

ya, if i find the website.. it was the EZ clone im working on had a brain fart earlier. how have ya been doing

NuTz4BiKeZ 03-11-04 01:45 AM

Homebuilt Clone
Try this Mike I found it very helpful:D

Recycled Recumbent


Mike in KS 03-12-04 12:30 AM

SWEET!!!!!! thats the web site i was looking for, Thanks. saddly the job i now have dosent always leave time to work on the bike, so im doing a rush job to get it done before we get to busy. my wields look like crap but thats becouse i can t wield worth a crap. ugh its beddy by time... 14 hours in yesterday and 15 today thank God we are not drilling tomarrow..

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