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dkellogg 09-28-08 11:45 AM

Pittsburgh to DC on Recumbents
I've heard a lot about biking from Pittsburgh to DC.... sounds like a lot of fun. My friend and I both ride recumbents -- Terratrike Cruiser and Longbikes Eliinator G2. The distance is not a problem. However we have heard that the trails may be fairly rough and bumpy. On a regular bike this is not a big deal BUT on our recumbents we find this to be a bit hard on the body. Any comments or advice? Also -- we are in our 50's & 60's and will be spending the nights in hotels/ B&B's. Anyone have a good recommendation for a trip coordinator? I've heard they exist but no one has personal exprience with any of them.

sch 09-29-08 07:20 AM

You might also inquire under the NorthEast section of the regionals forum and/or touring forum.

rsbeach 10-10-08 02:18 PM

Try looking one up on the Adventute Cycling Association site.

nivekdodge 10-21-08 10:10 PM

My daily ride is on the Montour trail 0-17and I have ridden different bits to about the 30 mile marker. Most of it is crushed limestone but a few places it's a little rough <,-80.145028&spn=0.007282,0.013733&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.299067,-80.145849&panoid=_r5qw5NZQOth6jp2jqK-PA&cbp=1,316.99317021741973,,0,9.217433922226252> If this link works this s one of the roughest places where there is a road crossing. Search for "the historian" he rode it this summer all the way to dc

danathompson 10-23-08 11:01 PM

I just completed McKeesport to DC
I just completed Mckeesport, PA to DC on a Dragonflyer trike, while pulling a BOB trailer. It is much more difficult to do on 3 wheels because I always had 2 wheels off the beaten path. The beaten path is very narrow. With only 2 wheels you can stay within the path. There is absolutely no need for a trip coordinator. Two very useful web links would be:

Check em out.

cat0020 10-24-08 05:50 AM

My fiancee and I were planning to ride our recumbents from Pitt to DC this year, I this there was a group at that did the ride around Labor Day Weekend.

SingleSpeeDemon 01-13-09 08:34 PM

I am seriously hoping to do this ride as well, but with only a Cervelo Soloist and a brakeless fixed-gear, I definitely need to add a recumbent to the stable first. If I am so fortunate to do this ride, I plan on starting in WV on the Panhandle Trail, connecting to the Montour and then onto the GAP and C&O.

I personally would love to hear about your trip...GOOD LUCK!!!

downtube42 01-13-09 08:49 PM

Since the C&O Canal Towpath is dirt, it's condition is largly affected by weather. If it's been dry, you'll find it a bit rough but ridable IMO. If it's been raining heavy, it'll be muck. I wouldn't want to ride in on my recumbent when it's muddy.

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