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SeattleGuy 10-01-08 03:38 AM

Any Maxarya owners out there? I just bought mine. It's the best bike I've ever owned. I've sold my upright and will never go back. CLWB recumbents are my favorite. The Maxarya is the lightest I know of.

BlazingPedals 10-01-08 12:02 PM

Lightest compared to what? What have you tried other than CLWBs? Nice to see your enthusiasm for your new bike.

SeattleGuy 10-04-08 11:09 PM

Compared to other CLWBs. How about yourself...what are you riding?

SeattleGuy 10-04-08 11:25 PM

Well, I've tried LWBs and SWBs and like the CLWBs the best . I ride about 40 miles a day, a nice pleasant 3-4 hour ride with one or two breaks. I live in northwest seattle. This part of the city is very good for bicycling. Many of the streets are quiet and there are endless views of the sound and mountains. There are lots of hills, which I've always enjoyed on an upright and still am able to on the recumbent, just a bit slower if a steep grade. If a moderate grade am sometimes faster. But speed isn't something I'm interested in anymore, just mainly love the exercise and the views. I've been told that the designers of the Maxarya recumbent were aware of recumbents reputation for being weak on the hills. So they were especially mindful of this and built this bike to climb.

megaman 10-05-08 01:56 PM

Never heard of this brand before. I see it's made in Canada. Looks to be an average weight for a clwb. I'm glad to hear it's a good hill climber. Post a pic. I'd like to see it.

Have fun.:)

gcottay 10-05-08 05:59 PM

That's an interesting bike. If you are inclined to post a review, it will have at least one reader.

BlazingPedals 10-05-08 07:39 PM


Originally Posted by SeattleGuy (Post 7605024)
Compared to other CLWBs. How about yourself...what are you riding?

I have a V-Rex and two lowracers. You can see info about people on the forum by clicking their nicknames and selecting to view their profile. It's not required info, so there's not always something there; but if they've entered the info, the bikes they ride will be listed in their summary.

SeattleGuy 10-07-08 02:36 AM

maxarya review
I can't do a full review but can say a few things. I ordered mine direct from the company as there was no dealer in my area. Closest dealer to seattle was victoria BC, too much work to go and pick up, and they dont even stock any samples! The customer service at the company is great. They built me a custom combination of the 1 and 1x (check out and let me choose the features I wanted. Mainly I wanted the internal rear hub shifting on the 1x but liked the colors on the 1, so they built me a 1x in the blue color offered on the 1. The colors on the 1x are metallic and I dont care for that. Also you don't need a front shock on a CLWB so I had them leave that out, and dont need disk brake on front, so you save weight by leaving these options out. Then they assembled it (80% assembled) and mailed it to me. Even though I'm 6'5' I knew it would fit because I had a Bike E and the seat/pedal geometry looked almost identical. I also knew it would climb hills better than the BikeE since it was lighter. However I ws pleasantly surprised that it went up hills easier than I thought. I had them do a gear ratio of 12-90 but now that I have the bike I would be happy also with the regular gearing as I rarely use the lowest 2 gears. The internal hub lets you change gears from a standstill and this feature works very well. They used the coil shock that is on the 1 instead of the gas shock on the 1x and I am ok with this choice, as I had to often fill the air on my BikeE air shock.There is no pogo effect on hills whatsoever and no need to adjust, although you can if you want.

JanMM 10-07-08 07:38 AM

12 gear inches should about let you ride up the side of a building. Is 90 high enough for downhills? I know there are some downhills in the Pacific Northwest.

Dchiefransom 10-07-08 09:10 AM

Why mess up a good downhill with pedaling?;)

That looks like a nice bike. How much does one cost?

SeattleGuy 10-07-08 12:26 PM

You are right. I now realize I don't need 12 on the low and as I now have my "recumbent legs" or even just "bicycling legs" 90 is not quite high enough. Since I ride so many hills I usually take it easier on the flats and recharge my muscles for the next hill so I dont need higher gears as much as someone else may, but I think I will regear soon anyway. I don't like speed that much but I want the higher gear simnply because it feels good to have something to push against.

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