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EnigManiac 10-16-08 09:36 AM

Interesting design

Although my first impression was 'why?' it occured to me afterward, this design might be beneficial when climbing hills.

BlazingPedals 10-16-08 11:49 AM

Yep, hills and the ability to stand are why people keep trying to come up with a good convertible design. I think that one comes closer to a workable design than any other ones I've seen so far. The more I think about it, the carbon dual-position that was posted here a month or two back was a good attempt, too. We tend to be a demanding bunch, though. That one still looks heavy, and scissoring the frame makes for some acute angles in the chain line. I gotta salute the guys who keep trying. I think the state of the breed is looking better all the time. Someday, someone will hit on a good all-around design and they'll be able to sell a bunch as commuters. And we'll all look at it and go, "Doh! Why didn't I think of that???"

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