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BruceBrown 03-22-04 07:04 AM

How to hitch a trail-a-bent or trail-a-bike to a bent?
I am curious if there is any way I would be able to hook up a trail-a-bent to a Burley Koosah recumbent?

Here are the pictures of the two I am interested in marrying together:

The Trail-a-bent is designed to hook to a seatpost of a wedgie bike. I have the tandems and bikes to hook it to, but now that I just bought my first recumbent by way of a Koosah I was wondering if I would have the option to pull the trail-a-bent as well.

I would also be curious if Burley sells their Moose Rack/hitch that they use for the Piccolo separately. If so, I would think I could install the rack and hitch on the Koosah recumbent and be able to hook up the trail-a-bent directly to that.

Have any of you seen any sort of a solution out there for a trail-a-bike to be hooked up to the back of a recumbent?

I guess if push came to shove, a solution of some sort of sturdy rack could be attached to my Burley recumbent and I could have a welder put together some sort of an attachable seatpost to the rack so I could hook up the trail-a-bent.

Any thoughts, advice, experience with regard to the above?



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