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Nobby 01-12-02 06:42 PM

A Vision of Loveliness
Several months ago I posted a question about whether I should buy a used Vision R-40 that I had discovered in a little bike shop west of here. It was selling for $750 CDN (about $400 USD). The few replies I got encouraged me to go ahead. I was, however, finanacially embarassed at the time.

Today I bought it. I am over the moon. This bike is incredible! It was clearly built specifically for me. Tight, comfortable, smooth, balanced. A joy to peddle. Oh, and it's not an R-40, but rather an R-44.

I was pretty impressed with the way my homebuilts handled but they just don't hold a candle to this lovely bicycle.

I am now praying for a chinook to burn the ice off the streets here so that I can ride. (where I live we have 8 months of winter and 4 months of poor sledding).

I just had to share my excitement.

Feet first and onward!

Andre 01-12-02 08:21 PM

Cngratulations, you posted a picture of that bike, didn't you?

Nobby 01-12-02 09:57 PM

Yep I sure did Andre. It's still on the list here I think. Under "Used R-40"

LittleBigMan 01-13-02 05:03 PM

Enjoy your good fortune (and bike!) :D

Bike Spokesman 01-31-02 01:13 AM

Good for you.

A toast, to safe, happy, and absolutly comfortable riding.

Have great fun.

p.s. don't have any snow here in Toronto, i'm still out and have only held in for maybe a week. I hope you get the warm weather you have been wishing for.

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