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ChiliDog 04-22-04 09:23 PM

Burley Koosah or Jett Creek
I want to add a LWB to complement my Rocket and am wondering if anyone out there can speak of their experience of either of these two bikes. I am intrigued by their handlebar adjustability and their low seating and the bang for the buck.

I have not actually ridden one yet, but I am planning to do that here in the next few days if it ever stops raining! Any comments appreciated!

keith-pam 05-01-04 12:43 PM

I would recomend a Tour Easy. With the optional fairing it has a perfect cruizer feel. The company- Easy Racers-has it's own message board with super devout fans. I have had a long recumbent since 1982 starting with a infinity and then a Rans and now a Tour Easy. I wish I could have originally afforded the Tour Easy 20 years ago. They are especially attractive if you live where it is mainly flat.

ChiliDog 05-15-04 09:49 PM

TE is way out of my budget, though I've heard nothing but good things about them. I went with a Koosah and it is currently on lay-away. I hope I can get it out in the next few months. I was quite impressed with the ride-a fun bike! Looking forward to trying out a LWB over some miles>

ChiliDog 06-14-04 10:17 PM

Hey TE guy, I am you have the link to the Easy Racers message board?

sukispop 06-16-04 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by ChiliDog
Hey TE guy, I am you have the link to the Easy Racers message board?

Hi Chilidog,

I'm not the TE guy(keith-pam), but here's the link to the Easy Racers Board:

Easy Racers VBulletin Board

Good luck! Let us know how it goes with your decision!

bnet1 06-16-04 07:19 PM

Love my CLWB Rans Tailwind. It handles nice and is responsive. I seem to be running speeds on par for what I was doing on my road bike.

'bent Brian

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