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hyper94uznj 04-23-04 02:03 PM

I found a new Optima Lynx for $2K - Just wondering how much of a bargain that is? I test rode it once & liked it once I got use to the stearing (it was my 1st ride on a recumbant.



bentrox! 04-27-04 01:52 PM

I paid just under $2K for a new Topline Optima Lynx in 2001, on sale. Components were Ultegra (52-42-30 triple crankset, front der.) and XT (rear der., brakes and Rapidfire shifters), Velocity Aeroheat rims, Vredestein S-licks, slotted PC-89R chain . If your Lynx is similar, the price is a bargain, but if it has lower quality components it may be less of a bargain.

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