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izgod 04-27-04 05:07 AM

Greetings from Wilmington, Delaware
Yesterday, I was assaulted at 8AM as I rode my bike home from work. Two young teenage boys jumped me from behind, hit me in back of the head , then shoved me off the bike. . Amazingly, a police car was following and saw the whole thing. The hoodlums were arrested immediately, and I was taken to hospital to be checked out. The bike was undamaged. I donít know what their intention was, perhaps to steal the bike, but this would have been stupid, since I am well known to all the cops in town, who see me riding about. Iím out everyday, in all weather, and even automobile and school bus drivers know ďthe crazy old man on the weird bike.Ē Iím so conspicuous, that I once let a friend at work take my bike for a ride, and he was stopped by a cop who asked him how he got the bike.

I have a bump on my head, a bruised tailbone, and some road rash. Otherwise Iím fine.

Iím a little worried about the implications of the case. The boys will be found guilty because not only the police saw it, but about 5 witnesses also saw it. Other drivers,
pedestrians, shop keepers. I worry that the boysí ďHommiesĒ will seek revenge on me, since Iím so conspicuous on that bike. I worry that the next assault will involve me getting shot, or run down by a car. Ironically, I never saw a thing, and still donít know ďwhat hit me.Ē I certainly could not identify the culprits.

Iíve been riding this route for over a year, and Iíve never gotten anything but friendly waves from folks, or folks just wanting to know more about my recumbent bike. I donít really want to change my route, as this is the shortest route home, and it takes me through the beautiful Brandywine Park. At night, on my way to work, I do take a longer way, because Market St around midnight is crawling with crackheads and other evil doers.

Welcome to life in the 21st Century.

Oh well, thanks for listening.

joeprim 04-27-04 05:29 AM

Glad it turned out that way and sorry you are sore because of ot.

Sounds like a fluke. And with so many people knowing you I would think you would be safe. If all that didn't satisfy you. The cops know so what are the laws about carring a gun in Delaware?

Trekbikedude 12-30-04 09:19 PM

I live in wilmington delaware but not in the city what kind of bike do you have?

izgod 12-30-04 09:24 PM

I'm on a BikeE AT. I'm looking into a bent trike to use as a winter vehicle. I'm interested in the Lightfoot Greenway or a CatTrike. Two radically different trikes. If I were a millionaire, I'd get one of each.

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