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USX Sid 05-21-04 01:27 PM

Hey Bike Forums- I just put down a deposit for my fiancÚ's new Sun EZ3 USX and I need some ideas on which lights, speedos, etc work on this great little machine. Do they even make cyclometers for 20" wheels? Also, without handle bars to mount a light and comp to, where do I put this stuff? Here's a pic for those who may not know what model I'm talking about:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sch 05-23-04 01:20 PM is "in your area" sort of. They have a good web site and
paper catalog. Light mounts are made that can mount to the head post. Any
cyclometer can be adjusted to 20" wheel size. The manual should have an algorithm
telling you how to esimate the constant that is entered. It is commonly but not
always wheel circumference in millimeters with fudge factor for the flattening that occurs. The bike pictured will have almost all the weight on the rear though. You may/will need a longer cable: some companies make a tandem wire kit which is usually long enough or it is no big deal to splice in a few feet of wire, 2 conductor 20 to 24g stranded wire is suitable. The mount will be a problem. Not sure how that is done with no tube that is at right angles to the rider. Good DIY project to mount it to
the tube between the legs. You would want a cyclometer with large number size
on the display. Steve

USX Sid 05-24-04 04:43 PM

Hmmmm- I may have to stop by there on my next Chicago trip. Looks like I can also get everything I need or can make it with stuff from Home Depot and my LBS. Thanks.

madpogue 05-25-04 11:27 AM

I've seen several USS bikes with a standard stem coming out of the headset, and a stubby bar (maybe 6-8" long) going thru the stem, for mounting a headlight, horn, etc. That looks like a threaded headset; you could probably pick up an old stem for a few bucks, and a bent-up handlebar (and a coupla end-caps), and just cut the bar down to the middle 6 inches or so.

Mounting the computer head will be trickier; where to put it that's close enough for you to see? Profile Design makes this gizmo; if it doesn't work, it may provide inspiration for a DIY solution.

USX Sid 05-25-04 03:09 PM

Yeah, we went to the shop where we're buying the USX and checked out a bunch of mirrors, lights and comps. Looks like I can mount a pair of bar-end mirrors then mount the comp on one of the mirror arms, with an ex-long wire kit and one headlight on each fork blade for a cool 'set' look should make everything work. Once I get the bike home and can start tinkering we'll see for shure, but I don't think I'm gonna have any serious problems.

madpogue 05-25-04 04:14 PM

If the computer is going on a bar-end, why not just run the magnet/sensor from that side rear wheel? I suppose corners may give off-readings. Hmm, could you put the magnet on the inside of the largest cog, and the sensor on the frame nearby? 'Course, if you're going for a cadence comp, this is one case where front-wheel mounting would work better.

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