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bigcamel 06-08-04 10:18 AM

i am a chineseboy.I made a bent by myself.
I like bent verymuch .i am a chinese boy .i can't see bent in china. since a few month ,i see bent at internet.i be interested in it .so comfort and so fast .i like i like!!.and then i think.......think........ oneday .i think an great i made a bent by myself. photo at( can see .i hope can give me some opinion. can mail me ([email protected]) thank you verymuch .(english not well ,don't mind.thanks)

beatle bailey 06-08-04 10:42 AM

AHH SOO!!! Big Camel looks good

bigcamel 06-08-04 11:06 AM

thank you !thank you !

ruchai 06-08-04 08:08 PM

Very nice.

k2bikerider 06-08-04 09:08 PM

looks good

bigcamel 06-09-04 06:58 AM

thank you everyone. i wish you go to china.and welcome.

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