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beatle bailey 06-18-04 11:40 AM

Noises when pedaling . . .
in my EZ3 drive line somewhere. Neither I or the LBS guys can find it. It sounds like a tap, tap, tap, but only when I'm climbing a hill, in the lower gears.... when I'm in #1 gear on the left hand, and #2, 3, and 4 on the right hand gears. The noise gets louder as I go up in numbers. Sometimes it's so loud, it embarrasses me when people look over to see what all the clatter is about. I'm just wondering if any other EZ3 owners have had this same trike has just 520 miles on it.

megaman 06-18-04 10:13 PM

I don't have a trike, but I was getting tapping noises too. I discovered my idler was rubbing against the chain. I cleaned the idler and the noise went away.

beatle bailey 07-11-04 10:28 AM

Well, we finally have found out why my EZ3 was making a racket....the rear hub came apart, the bearings let go inside, and the hub itself came loose from the rear axle. Each time I would push the right pedal, the hub would slide sideways to the right, and when I pushed the left pedal, the hub slid to the left. When the hub slid left, it crashed into the rear disc brake, and messed up the my trike has been in the bike shop for just a tad over three weeks to have the hub and brake rebuilt. You may want to keep an eye on the rear hubs on your EZ3s to hopefully catch this factory screw up before it gets out of hand.

bnet1 07-11-04 07:44 PM

Too bad it wasn't diagnosed correctly earlier. doing so could have prevented damage to your braking system. I guess sometimes you have to wait until something breaks before you can find the cause. Did they completly disassemble the hub and inspect it when you detected the noise the first time?

'bent Brian

beatle bailey 07-12-04 10:02 AM

No, they, (the LBS), could not tell where the noise was coming from. Even when I was riding the trike, sometimes I thought the noise was from the bottom bracket and then again maybe it was coming from a wheel, or under the seat, hell I didn't finally I took a small tape recorder along on one of my runs. When the mechanic heard the recording, he told me that he knew then exactly where the noise was.

beatle bailey 07-14-04 10:49 AM

UPDATE: Well it's all been a waste of the bike back on July 13th, and on the very first ride up a hill the 'clack, clack, clack' noise is still I called the dealer and told him that I want a new bike, and they're sending one out on Thursday.

bnet1 07-14-04 02:28 PM

Good job! Keep after them until it is right!

'bent Brian

jawnn 10-01-04 11:39 AM

what do you mean by the rear hub? are you talking about the bearings inside the rear axle tubes? all this bike jargen gets too confusing, why don't people just say what they mean?

all the bolts on my ez3-usx were loose. I put 'high coller' lock washers on the axle end bolts that hold the wheel on.

beatle bailey 10-02-04 12:26 PM

The rear hub, as I understand it, is the rear group of chain rings. Inside that unit are two bearings, that on my trike came loose and messed up all the rest of it had to be replaced. And when the hub came loose, it slid over to the left into the disk brake, and messed up the disk. As for the bearings inside the axles, they were rough, I had them all replaced too.

bnet1 10-04-04 05:11 AM

Good to hear the problems were found and fixed. If the LBS had completely disassembled the whole rear end and gone over every little piece I bet they could have found it before major damage was done. At least you are all fixed now.

'bent Brian

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