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lowell 06-27-04 05:55 PM

crashed my first recumbent
Was messing with computer and the bike path ended up not being wide enough for my wanderings. About 17 mph when I went into to weeds. Road rash on knee and elbow but nothing bad. Bike seems ok, at least nothing obvious. It's a long wheel base Linear and I have to sit up and lean forward to reach computer. I think I will stop from now on when adjusting computer.

Still a good ride!!!

Raiyn 06-27-04 11:22 PM

Sounds like fun.
Reminds me of when I crashed a Vision R50 on a test ride. I had just built my first Vision for the shop so I was pretty stoked about taking it out. I had built countless other bikes so I treated this one as just another bike only cooler. Everything was going great, the shifters were spot on, the brakes were perfect and it was a nice day out. I was really pouring on the power on the return leg of our "test course" (parking lots of the retirement home and the neighboring hospital) when all of a sudden the front end of the bike fell off. I wish someone would have had had a camera at that point because the "Oh $h!+ expression would have been priceless. I picked up the bike and wheeled it in through the back of the shop so the customers wouldn't see me and hobbled into the office to try and patch myself up. First words out of the owners wife "I told you not to ride in the alley behind the shop" I hadn't the only time that bike was back there was when I was limping back to the shop.

Damage to the bike: Minimal
It needed bit of touch up paint on the handle bar and a new Brake / Shifter pod.

Damage to me: Annoying, but not serious
Cuts, bruises, road rash on my right leg, and road rash on hands. could have been MUCH worse had I not fallen properly. I hurt my pride more than anything else especially since I had to have my girlfriend pick me up from work rather than riding home.

Lessons learned: Several
  1. Always double check quick releases ESPECIALLY ones that hold one half of the bike to the other.
  2. The moment you get overconfident in your abilities is the same moment when you make the biggest mistake.
  3. Always wear your helmet and gloves. EVEN FOR A TEST RIDE
  4. Above all else the Boss's wife is a total biaytch.

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