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Clan Riffster 07-20-09 10:26 PM

Silver lining?
My ride for the past several years was a Raliegh upright. Some idiot, (Me!), left it unlocked in front of my garage, and it grew legs. Yeah, that stinks, but I prefer to look at the silver lining, not the cloud. I'm thinking this might be the perfect opportunity for me to get "bent". I have never peddled a recumbent, but the folks I've talked to seem to love them. I'd love some pointers on what to look for, what to avoid, etc.

I am 6'02" and weigh 330 pounds. Obviously, weight capacity will play a key role in my purchasing decision. Cost will also be a factor.

Are there any benefits to having a smaller front wheel than the back wheel? Any drawbacks? Trike vs. two wheel? What companies consistantly build a good product? What companies sell stinkers?

Thanx in advance!


aikigreg 07-21-09 02:01 AM

Trikes are slower than 2 wheelers. Dual big wheels give you better shock absorption and better aero profile than the others generally speaking.

The top two companies in the united states are RANS and Bacchetta. Catrike rounds out the top three.

But the general advice is to go ride and try lots of different styles before you buy. Your weight will limit you somewhat in what styles you can ride. Try many, but be sure to include the RAns steel V3 model. It'll hold your weight and be a fairly fast bike. Good luck!

BlazingPedals 07-21-09 05:38 AM

At your weight, you might also want to look at Sun. 330 may be above the weight capacity of RANS and Bacchetta models.

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