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brad3104 07-28-09 04:07 PM

Quick question....
The sun EZ sx tadpole there only 1 model and 1 frame size for the trike? I tried a quick search and it appears so. Maybe its called the sun ez 3 sx tadpole..not sure. Also would anyone advise getting this as a first trike...used of course.

jeffh129 07-28-09 04:25 PM

I'd advise you that next time you be a bit more specific in your title. "Quick Question" doesn't exactly give the forum reader any idea of what you are asking about by looking at the title.

Just sayin'.....

Crank57 07-29-09 02:31 PM

Quick answer is think heavy, durable.

rdmjr 07-29-09 07:53 PM

I've got an EZ-Tad SX; it's definitely heavy. With fenders, lights, mirrors, rack and an admittedly overpacked rack bag, it tips the scales at just shy of 75 lbs. As far as durability's concerned, I've got a little over 1300 miles on mine so far; all I've had to replace are the tires and tubes. I'd definitely upgrade the tires to 100 psi tires; the new 100 psi Kwests are noticeably faster the 60 psi Kwests it came with. There's only one size, but the seat and boom can both be adjusted, so there's a wide range of sizes it can fit.
- Bob

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