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BigPolishJimmy 10-21-09 01:48 PM

any hi-psi 20" reccomendations for a sun ez-1?
Riding with the local club monday, one of the riders mentioned how my back tire looked a bit on the flat side. I let him know that it only goes to 65-psi and that I'm putting the majority of my 285+- pounds on it. Still he may be onto something and I'm wondering if there is a high-pressure 20-inch tire that would work well on the back of the sun EZ-1?



Square & Compas 10-21-09 01:58 PM

I run this tire for my 20" front on my Vision: In case you have the same question for a rear tire I run this one:

What ever you do stay away from the Kenda tires for recumbents. They will not last with big guys like us riding on them.

kk4df 10-21-09 01:59 PM

The Schwalbe Stelvio is rated 85 psi minimum, 120 psi maximum for the 28x406 (20") size.

purplepeople 10-21-09 02:04 PM

Check the selection of BMX tires at the LBS. Many of these take 100 psi, are at least 50mm wide and come in a variety of tread from full knobby to virtually slick. And the bonus, they are not nearly as expensive Schwalbe models. For example, my new leaning trike has a Sterly Snafu 52-406 tire on the front wheel drive. Nearly slick and sticks like glue for doing ultra tight turns on tarmac.


BlazingPedals 10-21-09 02:22 PM

Primo Comets in 20x1.35 or 20x1.5 (100 psi)
Animal ASM in 20x1.9 (110 psi)
Kenda Kwest in 20x1.25 or 20x1.5 (100 psi)
Schwalbe Kojak or Marathon,
The list goes on and on. Try perusing this page:

At 285 lbs, I'd gravitate more toward the 1.5" or wider tires, to reduce pinch flats.

BigPolishJimmy 10-21-09 02:33 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I would lean toward a tire near the same size as I already have on it to reduce the pinch flats. Ultimately the best of both worlds for me would be a tire with a bit of tread but a solid center stripe for the road, but would still offer stability on the crushed limestone trail. Mostly I ride on the roads and the road tires that are on it have been ok. I can keep up with the slow group in the local club, but I have to work for it. I've been thinking of just changing tires to knobbies for when I ride the local rail-trail.

purplepeople 10-21-09 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by BlazingPedals (Post 9900515)
At 285 lbs, I'd gravitate more toward the 1.5" or wider tires, to reduce pinch flats.

Actually I would recommend even wider tires. If your typical 150 lb rider is using a 1.25" tire with a total vehicle weight of 190 lbs, then to get about the same cushion a 285 lb rider would need a 2.2" tire for the 335 lb total vehicle weight.


charly17201 10-21-09 03:17 PM

I'm running Schwalbe Durano 406 (20") on the front and 559 (26") on the rear - both of them in a 28. I'm quite happy with them :love: They are rated at 85-115 PSI (or 6-8 bars for our european friends) and I run them @ 100.

They handle pretty darned good but running a tire that hard does bring you a lot of road roughness - it is a trade off I'm willing to accept for a faster tire.

I think I got both of them from either Hostel Shoppe or Western Bike Works.

NormanF 10-21-09 04:34 PM

Schwalbe Big Apple 406 2.0 X 2.35. Its a tire that fits on most bikes with 20" wheels and it has built-in suspension. A fast fat tire for a recumbent.

Dchiefransom 10-21-09 10:21 PM

The Maxxis Hookworm is rated for 110 psi. Tough tire, too. Not sure how it will do on crushed limestone.

Tom Bombadil 10-21-09 11:21 PM

The old classic, the Schwalbe Marathon is a 1.5" that can go to 100 psi, plus it is very puncture resistant and runs well on gravel.

The Schwalbe Big Apple, mentioned earlier, is a fatter, lower pressure tire, usually running at 40-50 psi. although it might run a bit higher. A fatter tire usually doesn't need as much pressure to roll just as well as a thinner, higher-pressure tire.

Speed tires, like the Primo Comet and Greenspeed Scorcher, wouldn't be my top choices for limestone / gravel paths. Pretty smooth treads with little bite. Also fairly thin, although the Comet w/Kevlar belt would be thicker skinned.

PaPa 10-31-09 11:14 PM

Surprising similar to Schwalbe's Big Apple, is the CST Cyclops Pro. It is rated at 85 psi, w/60 tpi construction and has a lightweight puncture-resistant layer between the tread and the casing. The sidewalls are thin and supple which helps minimize RR. Best of all, they can be had at for less than $10 each.

leverleg 11-01-09 10:52 PM

The 2.00 width Schwalbe Big Apple works the best of the dozen tires I've used on my wonderful Sun EZ-1.
You can overpump to 75psi. I tried the 2.35 width Big Apple -- don't do it! There's insufficient clearance chain to tireside. The tireside will grab the chain and stuff it. The Sun rims are only singlewall and might blow out with a 100psi tire of the 1.85 or greater width. This happened on my Giant Revive using a 1.95 tire at 95psi. Because all the rider bodyweight is directly above the rear wheel, I find it important to have a puffy tire filtering out the road shock. So: 75 psi in the BA 2.00 rolls plenty lively, cushions, has clearance, is puncture resistant and has a reflective stripe that looks good in a pair with a 16 by 2.00 BA up front.

BigPolishJimmy 11-04-09 12:51 PM

Sounds like the Schwalbe Big Apple is the next tire I need to try out. Of course it may be a while as I need to wear this one out first.

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