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nopain 08-05-04 10:24 AM

M5 Shockproof Titanium Update
This is a nice bicycle, but there have been recent customer service problems with M5 regarding additional shipping charges being billed from Federal Express they (M5) agreed to pay beforehand and now are backing out of. I have already paid M5 $600 USA - Fed Ex Shipping Charges were about $300 USA (according to the FedEx Rep), leaving M5 $300 profit. M5 told me the 500 Euro ($600 USA) included all the shipping charges and if it was less they would refund the difference. M5 billed me $180 just for boxing and bubblewrap (Thats insanely expensive, bubblewrap is cheap and who pays their bicycle shop labor $50 an hour - no one!). This was NOT agreed to beforehand and "hidden" within a single line item on the invoice. I guess because I'm American I have "sucker" embedded on my forehead and I'm not smart enough to figure any of this out? I'm all about fairness and I expect to pay a hefty price for a Titanium Bicycle, but I don't expect to be taken advantage of.

They (M5) kept the additional amount they said they would refund as profit. Now FedEx is billing me directly for additional charges I never agreed to - not to M5 or to FedEx. M5 simply hasn't been straight with me on the cost of the bicycle, the components, or the weight. Now they are telling me they are not going to sell any more bicycles to people in the USA. "I really tend to not deliver any more to USA customers, unless I see them here with my own eyes." Maybe it's just easier to gouge people in the Netherlands? Americans actually expect to get what they pay for? This is straight from the source Bram himself. Instead of making "right", he would prefer to take the bicycle back (which at this point I am sure he will screw me more). This has turned into a huge fiasco. It's my fault for trusting a company I had no prior dealings with. My complaint is not with the bicycle - it's sold as a rock, but with the misleading and dishonest way in which M5 has treated me and the inflated cost. Now I know why they were so willing to send me little items lite a spoke wrench and a few tubes. They gouged me good on the shipping. I guess I spoke too soon about their customer service in a previous post. I'm a very trusting person, and expect people to treat me fairly and honestly. I don't mind paying for good products or good service, but when I find out my good nature has been taken advantage of it frustrates and angers me. Too bad Costco doesn't sell recumbents, they provide customer service second to none.

Having said that I think it's best I sell this bicycle to someone who really wants it. This is a very nice bicycle (You should have no need to deal with M5 - the Ti frame will last forever and all the other parts are standard), but it is not as light as advertised (24.5lbs)... It weighs in with everything just over 33lbs. It's very easy to ride on the flats - I average 20mph pretty consistently without too much effort, and the bicycle is an okay, but not exceptional climber. It's scarey fast downhill (It rolls up to 40mph faster than you are ready for on the downhills), and very stable between 5mph and 25mph. I have invested over $4,400 now including professional tuning, assembly, wheel truing, etc. at my local bicycle shop. The cost has just gotten out of hand. I'll be throwing away over $800 on shipping after I send it back I'd prefer to "split the difference on this" with someone who is serious about owning this bicycle and I'll eat $400 for a bicycle that is fully assembled, tested and ready to go. So if you want an M5 Shockproof Ti 559 without all the hassles I've been through this is a great opportunity for you.

Has a "large" seat, shimano 105 Hubs, Crank, Cassette, w/Deore Rear Derailleur, M5 Seat Bag, Cateye Computer, M5 Areo Wheels, SRAM Rocket Shifters, Titanium Rack, Carbon Fiber Road Fork w/suspension, Tecktro Mini V Brakes, Specialized "Fatboy" tires, and rear suspension. I have replaced the front tube and added a liner. If you would like to purchase this bicycle for $4,000 complete USA before I ship it back to them please let me know. I've ridden the bicycle four times now for a total of about 70 miles. Please serious inquiries only.

John - [email protected]

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