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ChiliDog 08-15-04 08:09 AM

VISION R32-any owners or riders or comments?
Hey guys, whaddaya think? I posted this over on BROL and did not get a lot of feedback, so here it is:

I am looking at a new, leftover VISION R32 CLWB bent for purchase. It's a 2000 model and it's got front and rear suspension and looks to be pretty nice for an extra bent or for a bent to use on vacation or for riding a little off road. It would supplement my Tour Easy LWB and be for riding when/where I am not riding the TE. Original cost of this bike was around $1399 and I can get it for $575. It's handmade in the good ol' USA, of course, being a VISION. Beautiful finish on the frame.

I feel more comfortable on this set-up than on a RANS Tailwind, which I was considering getting as an extra ride. Less tillering, more adjustability, suspension with no noticeable "pogo". Relatively lightweight for duel suspended bike.

Both front and rear suspension are adjustable, which I like. It is a 20/20, which I like. Chromoly frame, 2" tubing, which I like.

Would like to know what any R32 owners or riders or just you bent riders in general think about this bike for the reasons I offered. Do you think it's a good deal and a good enough ride for the purposes above?

Here are the specs off the old Vision website:

From the Vision website: >"This nimble machine is the ideal bike for commuting to work, riding around the lake or a trip to the market. The built-in suspension gives you a smooth ride, and the easily adjustable seat and handlebars makes the R32 a comfortable bike for anyone. With a folding frame for easy transport or storage, this is the perfect bike for family vacation use." Frame: TIG Welded 2" tube Material: 4130 Chrome-Moly Handlebars: Over Seat Steering Weight: 35 lbs. / 37.5lbs Full-Sus Color: Mystic Blue Crankset: Sugino Impel 50x Pedals: Wellgo w/Toe Straps Bottom Bracket Shimano UN52 F. Derailleur: None Brakes: Avid SD 20 Brake levers: Diacompe PC-7 Headset: YST 1 1/8" Threadless Shifters SRAM 3x7 Front Rim: Sun L18 20" Front Hub: Shimano RX100 Rear Rim: Sun L18 20" Rear Hub; SRAM 3x7 Cassette; Shimano HG50-7 / 12-28 R. Derailleur; SRAM 3x7 Tires: Primo Comet 100psi Rear suspension: Cane Creek, adjustable Front fork: Ballistic shock, adjustable Paint: metallic powdercoat. One size frame: seat height is 23".

Thanks! I appreciate ANY comments! :)

meb 08-15-04 01:57 PM

You said no noticeable tiller on the 2000 R32-unlike the 2001 R32 which has cranks just fore of the head tube and a stem nearly aligned with the steerer tube, my 1999 R32 has quite a bit of tiller-my cranks are about 4 inches aft of the head tube. Never seen a 2000 R32 but your statement implies it may be similar to the 2001 R32 which has little tiller. A 2001 handles more similar to an upright than the 1999 R32.

I like the smooth ride the suspension gives-but pogoing is noticeable- you adjust to the pogoing. There is a slight difference in the rear suspension between 1999 and 2001- the shock is more aft in 2001 than 1999, wouldn’t have thought it would reduce pogoing. To reduce pogoing you could make the chainline parallel to the chainstay-but your chainline changes dependent upon whatever sprocket you are on. A mid drive near the rear chainstay pivot point could reduce pogoing and give more ratios-but I changed out the stock gearing anyway. The longer wheelbase of the Vision gives a much milder pogoing than my very short wheelbase dual 305 shod folder.

Unlike LWB, my 73” long R32 meets local subway 80” limits so transport is flexible. I can fit the Vision in the back of my 94 Camaro with car rear seat down and. bike seat off and rear suspension unbolted.

I have the rear suspension only model but have an uninstalled front suspension fork. I don’t think front suspension will do much since I have about 80% of my weight on the rear, but a 2001 should have less rear bias with its more forward cranks. I have a homebuilt SWB that has too much forward bias, it is easier to adjust to too much rear bias than too much front.

Handling can be a little twitchy in a hard corner with just 2 stays holding the tire- those stays flex torsionally with this 230 lbs rider.

I replaced the Comets when they wore out with Vredestein rear and Stelvio front, and like that combo better.

Lots of complements on the trails with the R32, unlike SWB bikes which look bizarre to non recumbent riders, the CLWB looks like a relaxed laid back comfortable bike to those unfamiliar with bents so they have an unintimidated admiration.

Since you have a Tour Easy- A former local Tour Easy/R32 owner found the R32 to be faster than the Tour Easy.

Relative the Cannondale CLWB with Cannondale's wider tires-handling is weaker on the R32, climbing is weaker on the R32 vs. Cannodale's more upright and better padded seat, straightline speed is better on the R32, the Cannondale is more comfortable.

Price sounds good.

ChiliDog 08-15-04 08:52 PM

I thought it might be cool with that suspension and so forth, but that pogo-ing is not something that I care to deal with. Same reason I did not get a BikeE RX that came my way as a shop leftover. I think my Rocket will keep me happy for a's not so bad on roughish roads. And it weighs only 27 lbs, versus the 37 for the Vision. I'm going to pass on this bike and let someone else have at it...thanks for all your very helpful information, MEB! Appreciate it!

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