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JDenman 11-13-11 09:48 AM

Trike Delight
Over the years I've noticed people tend to fall in one of two vehicle choice catagories:

2 Wheelers
4 Wheelers

For example, some people like sports bikes, some like sports cars.
Some people prefer Motocross bikes, some prefer ATV's.

Myself being the latter chose a trike. And I couldn't have been more delighted.

If limited to a bike, I doubt I would have paid anything over $500 at the local bikeshop. Yet after taking a few trikes for a ride, I felt pleased to drop over $3000; and no doubt a few more coins along the way.

My wife now feels she would prefer a trike...Soon another $3000 invested.....

I really wonder if the bike shops realize the potential market they're missing out of here....;)

Steamer 11-13-11 10:46 AM

The market has a lot of room to grow too. But one of several things holding them back is price. You mentioned 3K for a trike. Some folks, particular the more casual cyclist who tends to be the main part of the trike market, just won't spend 2K or more on a bike/trike. I am not sure the novelty, etc. of a trike allows most people to expand their budget as dramatically as you have suggested it expanded yours.

'Bents, in general, are higher priced than uprights, and trikes are on average even more money than 2-wheeled 'bents. However we're starting to see some action here. Performer makes some awesome trikes (and bikes) at a couple very reasonable price points. Terratrike has done well with thier Rover and Rambler, Path and Cruiser. KMX has some fairly nice, affordabl machines too. Trident is another name in value trikes.

I hope these brands continue to have traction, as moderate prices are key for expansion in popularity of trikes, particular in this economic climate.

John_V 11-15-11 01:52 PM

I hope that you enjoy your trike as much as my wife enjoys hers. She has a Performer FX trike and she is in love with it. She rides it every chance she gets and enjoys every minute of it. When she lets me, I try and get some miles on it as well, but that doesn't happen too often.

I think that one of the reasons that most LBS don't carry trikes (the two I use tell me the same thing) is that in order to sell them, they need to have a decent inventory to show and they take up too much room on the floor where other bikes could be displayed. The higher end bikes have to be hung from a rack where they can't really be seen or their stock has to be decreased. My wife bought her trike from a shop that sells only recumbents and stocks mostly trikes.

rydabent 11-16-11 08:42 AM

A person doesnt have to drop $3000 for a trike. A month ago I bought a Terratrike Cruiser for the listed price of $1499. A trade in mountain bike paid for the 26" rear wheel up grade. One good reason to by a Terratrike is the fact that the seat is adjustable for and aft, and for recline also. I have about 300 miles on it and understand the popular reason that trikes are selling well. My LBS owner says this year is the best year yet for trikes. After riding this one, I can see that a trike affords the most relaxed biking there is. Of course there is no balance problems, and the big thing is you can just stop and sit without uncliping and start up again with no wobble. Or you can just stop and observe anything you want. Stopping on a steep hill is no problem at all.

Floyd 11-16-11 04:25 PM

I enjoy my trike...I too paid a little more than I really wanted to pay but it waas the one they had in the showroom. Now that I have been riding it a while I do not even remember the price.
continue to enjoy

Cyclebum 11-16-11 04:43 PM

Congrats on your purchase. I too am a newby to the bent world, a convert from wedgies. Having a hard time staying off the thing, a lwb Tour Easy. That's what I do. Tour.

I checked out trikes, but in the end, decided I preferred the higher profile and narrow footprint. I'm sure a trike will come later. They got their own set of pluses.

PaPa 11-16-11 07:46 PM


Originally Posted by rydabent (Post 13499234)
One good reason to by a Terratrike is the fact that the seat is adjustable for and aft,..

Fore & aft adjustable seats are typically offered in an attempt to appease multiple-sized riders on the same frame - but they come with their own array of problems. The biggest, is the potential to alter the CoM (center of mass) outside a safe position. It also complicates the seat mount and adds weight. This is why prudent manufactures' opt for adjustable booms only.

rydabent 11-17-11 08:44 AM

Adjustable booms are fine except in my case I need to share the trike with my wife. The adjustable seat allows us both to ride the trike by just moving the seat. I really dont think moving the seat 3 or 4 inches is going to upset the CG and handling that much. One other thing to concider is if you ever want to sell a trike with an adjustable seat, it allows for a much wider market.

JDenman 11-20-11 11:13 AM

Ran a 37 mile rally with 18MPH wind, gusts to 30MPH. Really enjoyed passing the DF roadracers uphill on my trike over the last 5 miles.

Trikin' 11-21-11 04:56 PM

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I agree that you sure don't need to spend 3K although its easy to do with an ICE Sprint or a Catrike 700, but the models less expensive are still as enjoyable. I bought a Catrike Trail in '09 and have put on over 15,000K but now I'm thinking about the Terratrike TourII (Elite) for under 2000K, very nice trike as well.

pick 11-21-11 07:52 PM

I was looking at getting a brand new Catrike Expedition as my first trike...a member on BROL was selling his 3 y/o Actionbent T1X (rear suspension, 26" rear wheel) that had 50 miles on it. I bought it and paid 1/5 of what the Cat would have cost me. I am very, very happy with the T1X and very glad I was able to get it. Now, I have no urge to get another trike, but, that may well change as the years go by.

Jeff Wills 11-21-11 09:45 PM

Dang- we were trying to sell trikes for $1400 30 years ago: . I wish we'd hung around long enough for the market to come around. The local "recumbent shop" (Coventry Cycle) can't keep trikes on their floor.

WPeabody 01-02-12 12:03 AM

Bought a Terratrike Tour last March with the 26" rear wheel, it wasn't cheap for me, but it was the chance of a lifetime to get one, so I was willing to sacrifice other things. Absolutely love riding it. Even on those days I'm not feeling too great, where riding a DF bike would be a bad idea, this keeps me going! also helps me keep my sanity, getting out and moving, fresh air... even if I have to go only 3-5 mph at times. :D

Charlie_R 01-04-12 05:54 AM

Why buy when you can build? There are many places online that sell plans if you need them. I am building my own LWB delta cargo trike, and have it to the point where I'm using it daily. I'm thinking the $300 I have in parts (never mind the labor!) is a far cry from what is being charged for similar models if you can find them.

Please bear in mind this was at the rolling chassis stage, but it gives you an idea of what I'm doing. Paint will have to wait until spring, when the weather will co-operate.

I'll get a pic of it's current look and post it later.

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