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1000watt 12-18-11 02:12 PM

Bike-E Recumbent rear 20" hub motor questions...
Mid drive would be best but it's too much fabricating and money for me. So, I am thinking of a REAR 20" Geared hub motor from ebikekit. I already have an extra 22A Infineon controller and 48v 10AH Lifepo4 battery to use. Anyone else use a rear motor on their bikeE ? Only drawback I see of doing a rear motor on a Bike-E recumbent is losing the factory Sachs 3-speed rear internal geared hub. Also, maybe top speed wont be very fast due to the 20" wheel...

Jeff Wills 12-18-11 09:44 PM

Have you asked this on the Electric Bikes forum: ?? I think that they're better equipped to answer motor questions there.

As far as speed- I don't think I'd want a BikeE to go too fast. They were never intended to be speedy machines.

Nice pinstriping, BTW.

globalrider 12-19-11 07:39 PM

I agree with Jeff, my BikeE seems a little twitchy to be putting a motor on. However, it's possible you could swap out the fork and put a bigger wheel in the front. You also might be able to squeeze a 451 wheel in the back mitigating the shift in weight distribution and getting a couple more mph out of your motor.

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