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sukispop 12-10-04 06:50 PM

Sportworks vs. KA Racks vs. 1upUSA(racks)
Hi Everyone,

I posted this inquiry at BROL, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I'm beginning to look at hitch mount car racks that will enable me to transport both, one of my wife's df upright bikes(road, mtn, and hybrid), and either my semi-'bent(aka EZB) Fusion or my full-'bent Stratus. I want a rack that will NOT require disconnecting the front brake and removing the front wheel of the bike, in order to fork mount it to the rack. I really like the idea of being able to transport the bike whole ! :D

...So, I've narrowed my search down to the three above referenced rack systems. When you add up the cost of each component of the Sportworks Mod System, it pretty much comes close to the pricing of the KA Rack and the 1upUSA aluminum Ultra Rack...and with 1up's free shipping, the Sportworks rack even surpasses it(in most cases, depending on what dealer you can get it from).

I would be very interested in hearing comments, both positive and not-so-positive, from you good folks who own(ed) one or more of these rack systems.

Thank you, ahead of time, for all of your help and assistance!

toybox 12-13-04 08:23 AM

The Sportsworks rack is awesome! I have my mtb on my rack as fast as my friend takes to throw it in his pickup bed. And it is solid as a rock, no movement and no rattles. I absolutely love my Sportsworks mod system, no more heaving the bike on the roof, no more taking the filthy front wheel off, no more taking out drive thru signs (oops!). Also since I didn't have a whole lot of cash I just bought the one bike set up but I know if I need to I can just go buy and stick on the second bike attachment.

Ken_in_Michigan 12-19-04 03:22 PM

sukispop, and others interested in this question please check out our discussion on BROL. I think we fully covered the issue. Personally I prefer the Karacks to all the others. It is the best engineered and easiest to use of the three.

Ken the Troll lives south of the Mighty Mackinaw Bridge, Rides a V-Rex

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