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troysmith80 01-01-12 04:58 PM

What's it worth - considering selling
I recently was given an ActionBent MidRacer, not sure of the model year. I've taken it on a few rides and while there are several things i like about it, i think a recumbent is just not for me right now. I think i'd like to sell this to fund a mt bike or regular diamond frame road bike. I don't know what is a fair asking price for this bike though.

Here are the specs:
Red Action Bent Mid Racer (year unknown, can i tell from the serial #?)
Crankset: Shimano 105 (53/42/30 gearing) with outer ring guard
F. Der.: Shimano 9 spd, unsure of exact model
R. Der.: SRAM X-7
Shifters: SRAM X-7
Cassette: SRAM
Hub/Rim: Velocity - Spartacus Thracian Series 20" front 26" rear. Schwalbe Kojak tires, quick-release front and rear
Seat: Original AB plastic/fiberglass seat and also size large carbon fiber seat (currently mounted)
Brakes: Currently Magura HS22 hydraulic rim brakes, although i may swap those onto a different bike and put a set of shimano or SRAM v-brakes on the mid racer instead.

So what's it worth? I'm thinking i'll ebay or craigslist it or post it here for sale.

idler bracket from Terra Cycles but currently running tubes instead of idler
brake parts and instructions, bleed kit maybe?

Condition: Several paint chips and imperfections due to use. Mechanically seems to be in very good condition and not in need of anything.

Picture: (let me know if you don't see this)

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